Heartbreak & Anger

Heartbreak is your daughter coming to see you for the first time in a week and then having to say goodbye.
Heartbreak is your 2 year old sons calling you and saying ‘good night mummy’ ‘see you soon mummy’ and kissing the phone.
Heartbreak is wanting nothing more than a cuddle from your husband and not being to just roll over and take it.
I hate the woman for what she has done to me. I want to turn my hate into something positive but tonight I am struggling. I feel so full of anger I am shaking. I did nothing to deserve this yet here I am, suffering and I just don’t understand it. And the stupid cow that did this to me has no remorse what so ever. In her mind, you can run over another innocent human being and then just do nothing. Tonight I cannot stop thinking about that and it’s hard. It isn’t helping that me and The Cage are not getting on today. It’s too big and too metal and just frankly annoying the hell out of me. Angry post finished.


14 thoughts on “Heartbreak & Anger

  1. I am not surprised you are angry. I understand your heartache. I can’t imagine how you feel. Keep strong, Kerry. Tasha x

  2. I totally get what you’re feeling right now. From a different scenario obviously, but traumatic events trigger the same stages like the stages of grief. It’s horrible to have those feelings but they are something you have to go through. You probably feel a bit impotent right now but use that anger. Get even with that evil cow by getting through this, getting back on your feet, and sueing the backside off her. You’re going to be ok, and you will be back with your family very soon. Before you know it this will all be a distant memory, a nightmare that you went through and came out the other side. Thinking of you lots xxx

    • I can’t imagine what you’re going through and I guess although times are incredibly hard you have to remind yourself that if she had driven further into you, the children wouldn’t be able to say goodnight! Your mind is all in tack and (other than your legs) all your parts are working and you’ll be back real fast. You have an amazing husband and children who still have their Mum, and they’re just a few miles away for a wee while longer, try and think positive Kerry and we’re all behind you. M xx

  3. And Kerry, just think, because you’ve got awesome friends, who post links to your blog on their page because they feel so upset, hurt and angry for you/on your behalf, you have lots and lots of people out here, who you don’t know, who are sending every positive thought they have your way, who would personally find this woman and “sort things out”, who admire your strong thoughts and your attitude, and who really don’t mind if you blow off steam and rant and rave – they only wish they could do it for you. Keep going, you know you can. xxx Lotte, friend of Kirsten W.

  4. I am angry for you and I think it is completely understandable and expected that you should feel such hatred. I still can’t imagine what was going through her mind. I hope she gets punished for what she did to you – it was *not* ok.

    That said, you are a strong woman, you have a strong support network and you *will* bounce back from this – look how far you have already come!

    Thinking of you sweetie x

  5. I am a friend of Kirsten Watson’s so I follow your blogs through her. You sound like such a strong and positive person who will get through whatever is thrown at you over the coming months, with the love and support of a very strong family. Feed off your kids, they will give you the strength and resolve to fight to get better just a little bit each day. Ride the waves of emotions, the dark times will gradually fade. Very best wishes for the future and I am sending a virtual hug from one mum to another x Jo Bayliss

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