First Morning At Home

I am surrounded by the hustle and bustle of morning in the Hyatt house. Breakfast, playing, getting dressed, tantrums ……. I’m loving it. Being confined to bed I am able to sit back and watch it all unfold which is strange because normally I am in the centre of it all. It’s a wonderful feeling seeing how all of family interact and fit together so beautifully. James is doing a totally amazing job at keeping everything running (with a little help from our Mum’s!). I am so proud of the loving, warm home James and I have created for our children.

After a pretty much a sleepless first night at home, seeing my babies faces peek round the corner at 6.50 was the best wake up call. ‘Mummy home!’ ….. Yes boys I AM! Snuggles in my downstairs bed with Charleigh topped it off perfectly.

At the moment Charleigh is in a grump because we’re making her eat breakfast, the boys are playing shops with James as he attempts to eat toast, there is chatter of getting the boys dresses! Charleigh tidying her room, what needs to go on the shopping list, my wonderful Mum mucking into the mix….. a perfect morning!

Today I think will be filled with working out how it’s all going to work with me being home. Is the equipment in the best place? Will we remember to do my physio? How will the boys react to Mummy using a toilet in the front room? Fitting the needs of the children in to those of mine. I’m not expecting a smooth ride, we are all on a huge learning curve, there will be mistakes and tears but I’m sure there will be laughter too.

I have an amazing family that I love so much.

Even though the last two weeks have been the start of a journey, I believe that the real journey starts here and I’m starting it with a smile on my face and a glow in my heart.

I am looking forward to blogging the roads ahead, it is helping enormously.


2 thoughts on “First Morning At Home

  1. Way to go Kerry, kids will adapt very quickly, I’m sure, kids do – you might find they’ll want to go toilet in the front room too though! So good to read you are home and getting the so needed cuddles. x

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