Date Night

I’m not quite sure what people expect when they come to see me at home, it would be appear that I am ‘more together’ than they expect! I take this as a huge compliment that I am indeed moving forward and enjoying my life.

My life I still have and all of the the things that I enjoyed before I can still enjoy (well, I might have to give the dancing a miss for a while). I enjoy a cold glass of wine on a hot summers night, getting lost in my book, conversation with my friends and family, trashy tv!

I am not naive, I know there will be bad days, I don’t believe the nightmares have taken my last night, however, whilst the good days are here I am going to grab on with both hands and soak up the joy they bring.

Tonight James and I took advantage of my Mum staying with us and went on a ‘date night’, a trip to the cinema to see Men In Black 3, and we really pushed the boat out and went 3D! Highly recommend it. It was so nice to have some time just for the two of us. We are still young, we should be enjoying our lives and our marriage. I believe that we are so lucky to have each other and we shouldn’t ever take it for granted. Whatever is thrown into our lives will only make us stronger.

It really feels wonderful when I am out. It’s not that I see my house as a prison at all, but it is easy for me to see how easy it could become that. These legs now bring on a tiredness that wasn’t there before, the constant reminder as well as the physical weight of a cast and Nicholas. Leaving the house is a laborious task but even when it feels too high a mountain to climb, I will do it, as I know that it is always worth it in the end.


2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Well done Kerry, you are so strong and brave! I admire your positivity and ability to share your experiences with others. Huge heal quickly hugs! xxx

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