Clothes & Cuddles

After sleeping away my Saturday and the majority of Sunday morning we got ourselves up, dressed and off to my Mother in law’s for a yummy roast. Fabulous food with lovely family are what Sunday’s are about. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing family. My Mummy is back with us until Tuesday so I feel happier already.

Getting dressed is bringing it’s own frustrations now. With the sun going on strike and my legs being bare to the elements it can get rather chilly! I can get leggings on after some handy work with some scissors and now I am on the hunt for a seamstress to amend some jeans. If only we could guarantee a proper summer, my wardrobe full of dresses would suffice, but alas, I fear it’s not to be.

We have had an enormous breakthrough which takes precedent over any frustrations or pain that may have been there for me today.
My gorgeous amazing boys both decided that today was the day for Mummy cuddles.
Shedding any trepidation they may have had, they climbed onto my bed and we spent a half hour laughing, cuddling and just being. It was totally exhilarating to be that close to my little boys again. My heart felt complete and for once the tears were that of joy. They were intrigued by my legs and had a good look and felt my cast. It felt as though they have finally come to terms with it as much as a two year old can. It happened a lot quicker than I expected but I think it goes to show what brave little men they are, they have always been eager to learn and take the world in with such enthusiasm. The last three weeks have had a huge affect on them, you can see it in their faces, but today was their turn to move forward.
To be sat there, cuddled up, reading them a bed time story, something three weeks ago I took totally for granted, the feeling it bought and that single memory will never ever leave me.
You cannot ever cuddle your children enough.

Over the last week there have been events, good and bad, happen to close family and friends. They have all made me realise how short life is and how precious it is. You really learn who your true friends are when you are in need. I hope that one day I can be as good a friend to those who have been there in the last three weeks. Not just to me, but to James and the children. We are so lucky. You all know who you are. God bless you all x


2 thoughts on “Clothes & Cuddles

  1. Yep, they have come full circle. Love the photo,s, Kerry I am getting married to an amazing guy on the 4th of July. I would love you and James to come to the evening do. Debbie and Dave are coming to the day. Sadly its a registry do and we already have too many people attending the actual service but would love to meet you guys. It’s in Watford. Please do not mention this on my FB page as I have got very religous family in South Africa and they do not know and it would hurt them a great deal. It’s a month away so please think about it. Love to you all x x

    • Oh Mark thank you so much for the invitation, we would be delighted to come, you have been such a help to me with your words of encouragement and support, will be great to meet you and help celebrate your day xx

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