Happy Jubilee

One of the good things to come out of the accident is it bringing lots of old friends to visit!
I have been feeling very disappointed that I have had to sit back and watch all of the Jubilee celebrations pass me by, such a momentous occasion and I haven’t participated at all.
But on reflection I have had a lovely weekend. I have been visited by some old friends that I haven’t seen in many years, enjoyed a lovely family dinner and today I have spent quality time with an amazing friend whilst our boys ran around happy and smiling. The whole weekend has revolved around good food and a few cheeky glasses of wine. Good times are what you make them and despite the legs, I can look back on the Jubilee with happy memories.

Even though we have two very energetic little boys, I fear the house will feel quiet for the next couple of days. My Mummy has gone home until the weekend and on her way has taken Charleigh to her Godmothers house for a mini break. I love having my Mum here, it’s at times like this that I really regret moving away. She is the most amazing person. Nothing is too much trouble, she just comes and does anything and everything that needs doing without a second thought. She is exactly what you need in a time if crisis. Love you Mummy x

My legs are feeling very sore today, I like to think that it is my bones mending, but I have to admit that it’s also likely due to being as busy as I have been. Not only does it take great effort physically to get in and out of the house and car but sitting in a chair all day (as opposed to the bed) has the same affect on my body today as a full day of being on my feet looking after my family would have had four weeks ago. It’s a different tiredness though. At the moment I can feel it creeping through me like snake, taking over my being, unwanted, yet so fierce I cannot do anything but give in to it. One the one hand I know that rest helps the healing, but to me it’s a whole new experience that is taking time to adjust to. I used to long for days when I could just sit undisturbed, now I want nothing more than to be running after my boys and playing taxi to Charleigh’s social life.

I am almost halfway through the journey with the left leg. It’s been almost three weeks since the operation which is really hard to believe. There is still a long road ahead for Nicholas and I though and at the moment it feels as though time has slowed. I can almost hear every second tick by in slow motion. The weight is bearing down, not just on my leg from the Fixator itself, but on my heart. I am on a path that I don’t want to be on, yet I know I have to take it and being thrown along with me are the people that I love and care for the most. A certain amount of guilt comes with that and it can be hard to accept.

As I write this my boys are playing happily together, the loving brothers that they are, chatting away in a land of make believe. The innocence of children is a wonderful thing, the whole world and life is just a huge adventure! I love watching my children grow and shine knowing that there is a little bit of me in them 🙂 I love being a Mum more than anything in the world.


3 thoughts on “Happy Jubilee

  1. NEVER EVER regret moving away? I can get to you in 45 mins the way I drive Oh oh!
    And it is just simply the bestest EVER place for the little men and the big C to grow up, top class and when you move to a bigger house (Who knows you might have a Granny flat for meeeeee) ha ha !!!!! Xxxxxxx

    • Thank you ever so much Ma-in-law for being a wonderful help over the last week and a bit. I know that you want no thanks but there it is anyway. I also know that Kerry has taken great strength from having you around and it has helped her immensely on her recovery path, so thank you for that too xx

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