Always Believe

Don’t ever think that something is not possible.
With a little faith, some trust in your own abilities and some sheer bloody mindedness ANYTHING is possible!!

Two weeks ago I was sure that I wouldn’t be mobile with these broken legs. I would have laughed at you if you would have told me that I would be walking around my house.

But today I did just that.

Last night I had yet another awful night’s sleep, I managed about three hours. So this morning as the family woke up around me and our day began I felt angry, tired, sad and very deflated. I wanted a hole to open up and swallow me.
But as I sat in bed looking out of the window watching birds flying in and out of a nest in my neighbours porch and realised that I had a choice.i could sit there and wallow or I could spread my wings and fly.

Ok so i haven’t found the ability to grow wings, but I did haul my arse out of bed, put my clothes on and, with the zimmerman, walked from my grumpy old bed to the sunshine and warmth of my conservatory.

It wasn’t painless, these legs still have a lot of healing to do, but I felt as free as those birds.
I was moving forward, confidently, with a purpose, on my own.
I could watch the boys run around being busy in the garden, James build his new greenhouse, I was finally back in the family mix and my heart felt warm and full.

And I even managed to walk back to use the toilet, a real one with a door and a flush!!

I know I have a long way to go but I honestly feel now as though I could face and conquer anything.
I’m excited about being mobile and thinking about where these legs will take me, what new things I will see and how beautiful the world actually is.
I couldn’t have got to this point without the truly fantastic friends and family that have swept me up with love and support (and occasionally a stern talking to!!).

I feel like a very lucky lady today.


3 thoughts on “Always Believe

  1. Not long now before you`ll be able to chase that surgeon for your prezzie. Really glad that things are progressing – keep up the good work and never lose hope.
    All our LOVE and BEST WISHES Trev & Val also big hug & kisses to the twins and Charleigh

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